From an early age, Deva has had extra sensory perception. Her gifts have been described in several ways: seer, oracle, psychic, intuitive and guide. Deva’s connection to the metaphysical realm began in early childhood where she was regularly visited by non-physical beings in her bedroom. Having no one able to see them but her, created fear and when she would reach out to others, was told that she was just “seeing” things. As a result, she repressed that side of her.

At 25, Deva had a near-death experience snowshoeing in the mountains near Vail, CO. What was supposed to be an hour-long hike, turned into a nine-hour journey in which Deva and her sister, said good-bye to each other. Just as the frost-bite and hypothermia were setting in, and before they lost consciousness, Deva’s dog, Myles bit her hand, cueing them to follow. They did and Myles led them back to the trail and guided them down the mountain. This experience changed Deva’s beliefs about life as she knew it.

“Before that experience I was a non-believer of anything not seen with my physical eyes but I left the mountain a changed person. Getting lost and almost dying led me on a journey of self-discovery and back to my psychic gifts,” shares Deva.

Immediately following her close call in the mountains, Deva entered her first yoga teacher training and voraciously studied everything she could about yoga and spirituality. She left her high-stress career as a graphic designer and became a yoga therapist, focusing all of her energy on studying yoga, the metaphysical realm and raising her two children.

“I began to trust what I was experiencing and started sharing my intuitive gifts with others. This was hard because these abilities are counter to conventional culture but every session I offered, greatly impacted the lives of my clients. I began to believe in myself and opened what I locked away during childhood. I also met my husband Eaden, who encouraged me to keep deepening and trust what I was experiencing,” Deva says.

“Deva offers genuine vision and honest insights into the realms of life that often get overlooked. She invites us to lift the veils and take ownership of our life path. I am always left feeling clearer and more empowered to courageously live my own innate knowing!”

–Alexa Webster, Owner, Seeds of Remembrance


Psychic Intuitive Guide, Integrative Yoga Therapist-1000 hrs, E-RYT-500 hrs, Advanced Medicinal Aromatherapist

Deva conducts Psychic/Intuitive Sessions and Trainings, leads 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings, and co-owns True Nature Healing Arts with her husband Eaden Shantay in Carbondale, CO.